Duval Diva Duel Pt. 1





TOKYO JETZ                                     KAMILLION

Tokyo Jetz

Jacksonville’s top female artist trade bars via their instagram pages and now the entire city is in an uproar for who’s the reigning Queen of Duval!!!

We have the vicious bars from both divas below and although we support both women we are very interested in seeing how this will play out.

March 5th Update:

It seemed if you thought the bars were just for IG you were wrong.  There were more bars vicious bars from Tokyo Jetz to be revealed and we got them for you.

Below is the entire video of Tokyo Jetz “Hit Em Up” bar barrage were she spits shots like lil red Tech 9.

After reviews from fans on Facebook and IG it would seem that Tokyo Jetz has taken round one. Many of the post stated that they “did not know who Kamillion was” and that she was seeking attention by beefing with Tokyo. Team Jetz came to Tokyo’s defense fast trolling Kamillion’s comment box with Plane emojis, and tagging fellow Jetz fans to join in.

Kamillion did respond quickly with a short follow up flow on her IG and it has been said that she was originally not referring to Tokyo Jetz on any of her previous post. She insist that she was simply promoting her music and Tokyo’s fans perpuated everything. However it started it doesn’t look like these ladies are looking to peace this out with out getting their piece and point across.

Via @itsKamillion IG

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