Kamillion Strikes Back!!!

The Kamillion Strikes Again, with a Poisonous Tongue!!!!


The state of hip hop has begun to make a turn for the better with more attention being brought to the bars, as spitters use their social media platforms to perform and promote challenges urging others to return with bars.

However sometimes when competition and the lyrical “Bar” is raised, conflicts arise.

Who knew that 2 talented femcees from Jacksonville would have a more interesting rap beef than the likes of Remy & Nicki Minaj.  And here we have Part Two of the “Duval Diva Duel” between Kamillion & Tokyo Jetz.

Kamillion response is a fiery one with her defending her eratic but crisp delivery, and she keys in with impressive punchlines as she references Grand Hustle, and defends her DJ Dr Doom.

Facebook went crazy after the response 48 hours after Tokyo’s first round haymaker.
Many people that said they did not know who Kamillion was a few days ago, have seemed to side with her response and that is not sitting well with the JeTz (TeamTok).
There is not yet a response from Tokyo Jetz, she has seemed to move on from this beef, and has been posting and sharking a new challenge with her fans.

Will she respond after this heavy “2nd Round KO” or Will decide to ignore and move on.

If she does respond, How? Will it be via IG or will she be the first to take it to the tape!!!?

One thing is certain, these two ladies have the culture in their city’s attention and this seems to be an angle that excites Jacksonville as rumors of a battle has been circulating among the local promoters.

Hopefully this competition results into great music for the Duval Hip Hop scene and urge anyone in participation to keep it Hip Hop.

Stay Tuned for more coverage as we are on edge to hear what’s next.

Dame Dozha

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