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Mixtape Review – HotBox – DJ Outta Space & Kris J

Mixtape Review

by Dame Dozha

DJ OuttaSpace & Kris J



Right on time for 4/20/2017, DJ OuttaSpace & Kris J have released another project together with “HotBox”.  For this artist/dj duo is a bit different flavor than traditional as this DJ raps and this artist is more than just a rapper.  Fueled with the best cannibis known to man and dubbed the “Class of Stoners” it would seem that the glue to this mixtape was ironically actually “Gorilla Glue”.

Hot Box will turn your 4/20 party up immediately with lead track “30,000” produced by young TTAudi aka TooTurnt who produced the majority of the records on the tape along with “On The Counter” ft. Tracy T is a track that’ll have you feeling like you smoking Gelato in L.A.  While tracks like “Solo” produced by DJ Spinz & K Major have a cloud light synths will have you dazed like you smoking Purple Haze.  Notable producers Durdy Costello & MarioBeats also contribute to the kickback vibe Hot Box is suited for.

“Click Here to Listen to Hot Box”

Although the music is crafted around smoking mary jane, you don’t have to be a user to enjoy, understand or feel this mixtape.  The production will have you bouncing in your car and Outta Space has a smooth delivery that keeps you bopping with the beat.  It’s not a secret that Kris J is a versatile talent, whether its a slow tempo or trap rap, he finds away to not only fit the track but to he mostly takes the record over the top.

Overall this is a solid tape, great concept, banging beats with smooth, trendy bars that completes the package; making “Hot Box” one loud pack that we urge you to try at least once.  DozhaToldya.com and the “Class Of Stoners” both have an important mantra in common that most connoisseurs can relate to and thats “Quality over Quantity.

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