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Mixtape Review – Lefty Gunz – LL Cool Left

Mixtape Review

Lefty Gunz

“LL Cool Left”




If you think you know anything about good music from the North Florida’s hip hop scene and you haven’t heard Lefty Gunz’ music your truly missing out.


Jacksonville’s street lyricist Lefty Gunz has finally released his highly anticipated album “LL Cool Left” after the release of his Jacksonville classic album

“I Am Legend”.

Lefty Gunz vibe is a bit different from the music floating around with no real aim or struggle in it, as he makes reality music using classic samples, hustling ambition, pain, and lessons learned from the streets as his main motive in each track.

Click Here Listen to “LL Cool Left”

“LL Cool Left” features production from some of North Florida’s top producers including: MGeezy, WonderKidd, TJ the Beatman, DreadBeats, Marco Williams and DJ Adam.

With guest features from artists: 1200 Yak, Reggie T, Amp, Wapp Daddy, AmaZain, Lil Jug, Courtney Lacy, Yung Trill, Maniac, 7 Big Row, Supastar CJ and J Stew.

     Lefty Gunz delivers with this album staying true to his fan base with soulful hooks, sampling songs you’ll remember from your child hood, and a host of features that really showcases North Florida’s talent appropriately.  Standout tracks like “Ford Tough” & “Pack” “Big Money” shows he can make turn up music hype enough to crank your party or trap up.  However its tracks like “Be Great”, “Won’t Complain”, “All I Do” & “Sunshine” that shows the soulful, lyrical side of Lefty’s self proclaimed “Grown Man Rap”.

     Lefty gives a full body of work as he should have (his fans have been waiting patiently) with 22 tracks you get a full ride out in LL Cool Left.  There’s a few crafty (movie)-ludes that fills the album out with a guest appearance from Lefty’s incarcerated partner Phino.

     Basically if you ever been through something you trying to overcome and you looking for music you can ride, relate, and recoup with then Lefty Gunz “LL Cool Left” is the playlist for you.  It’s apparent that Lefty has raised his sound and musical potential after honing in on his craft over the years and we look forward to hearing more from Gunz if he continues to drop classics like LL Cool Left.

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