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New Video – Baby Soulja – “Dirty” The Movie

New Video

Baby Soulja


The Movie

During the dawn of 2017, a young artist out of the streets of Jacksonville, FL started to emerge with what seemed to be the whole north side of the city behind him automatically.  And that’s no small feat being that fan support in Jacksonville don’t come too easily to new artist.

Many have been asking, how did he get such a buzz so quickly?

How does a new artist jump into the game with a feature from Lil Boosie on their first known single?

Is the new found success the reason for these new enemies this artist has accumulated or have they already been after him prior to his musical introduction.

This new artist is Baby Soulja, Jacksonville’s young firecracker spreading through the south with his street tales that are entirely too vivid to be fictional.  You may have heard his single “Dirty” ft. Lil Boosie while passing through the hood, and may not have known who he was.  Baby Soulja has been getting a lot of comparisons to artist like Kodak Black & Koly P because of his gritty delivery and detailed hood project content, but he is creating his own lane through his collection of videos he has recently released.

     The “Dirty (The Movie)” expands on the first “Dirty” video and gives a more in depth look into the life of Baby Soulja.  It consists of about 5 music videos that show you what kind of place Baby Soulja gets his material from.  In the movie he is trying to change his life but his past is constantly pulling him deeper into the street life, typical story put told through Soulja’s music.

The director of Baby Soulja’s “Dirty” (The Movie) is not listed however the shots are crips, set locations are cool and the music carries out the smooth story line.  It seems Baby Soulja’s team is in tact and his support in the streets is bigger than the internet, so we should get used to seeing more of him in the future.

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