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New Video – Love Culture – Affirmation

New Video

Love Culture



When like minded artist link up in a effort to make great art and spread their music in a city where artist aren’t usually known to work together; you don’t really know what the outcome will be.  In this case the out come is “Fluidity” an EP released from a group of artist calling themselves the “Love Culture” hailing from Jacksonville, FL.

     One of the Love Culture’s members, Cheech Forreign, we’ve been following for sometime and she is featured on the Culture’s new video for “Affirmation”.  It’s an abstract video shot by Weighed Sailor (on a Iphone 7) and stars members of the Love Culture wandering about in the woods.  The video is a bit long but artistic and the song has a mellow groove that’s hypnotic with a mixture of rap and singing.  Its more like a short movie with no dialogue, and you can peep that there is a message being conveyed.

The Love Culture is going on a short tour later this summer visiting places such as Orlando and Jacksonville so look out for their show dates, and more music from one of our favorite songstresses Cheech Forreign.

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