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New Video – B. Simone – “Stack Now, Cry Later”

New Video

B. Simone

“Stack Now, Cry Later”



     Social Media superstar B. Simone has dropped her debut album “Stack Now, Cry Later” after a few years of perfecting her craft and building her fan base.

     You may have seen her on your timeline going from a sexy, sweet soft personality to a screaming, angry, crazy lady who is fed up with dealing with dating.  It is all done with the intentions on spreading laughter, awareness and knowledge through hilarious skits and rants on social media.

     Many of her videos started going viral and her personality was embraced by women across the nation.  She has since added to her palate and has appeared in movies, TV shows, radio all while being a stylist and perfecting her album by spending countless nights studio.  The end result of her relentless grind is “Stack Now, Cry Later” a 16 track EP that reaches across multiple genres including rap, r&b & even comedy as B. Simone can not be boxed and labeled a one-dimensional artist.

B. Simone released her first album with a short music film directed by Malachi Lee.  The film stars B. Simone performing songs from her album while also being on a date with her co-star “J. Young” Carter.  The production of this film is top-notch, the music is big, shots are professional and the vision is artistic yet precise and entertaining.

If this video is to represent start of B. Simone’s career than one can only expect a large talent grind, high quality production, marquee performances, and trendsetting style from the B. Simone brand in the future.

This multifacted artist B. Simone is on the rise to be one of the lead talents in the entertainment world and we are fortunate to be able to cover her work and share this star with you.  Dozhatoldya.





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