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New Video – GasMan Uby – Work On Me

New Video

Gas Man Uby

Work On Me

     Atlanta trap rapper GasMan Uby is known for his flamboyant style and whimsical flow that will have you repeating his hooks with him before you realize you know the song.  Hailing from Atlanta, Ga; GasMan Uby went on a promo tour in various cities across the country and end up taking a liking to the Las Vegas market.  Since then he has made Las Vegas a second home while building a fan base on the west coast.  Uby’s latest video “Work On Me” was shot by New Million Films in Las Vegas and features the GasMan stunting in studios, flossing heavy in a Lambo and even swagging through casinos.  Video is every bit infectious as it is flagrant, but now atleast we’re sure that the GasMan loves to hike through casinos and race lambo’s when he isn’t so busy working so hard.

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