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Mixtape Review – Mob Squad Nard – Nardo Da Vinci

Mixtape Review

Mob Squad Nard

“Nardo Da Vinci”

Jacksonville young street lyricist Mob Squad Nard has been on fire all summer dropping a few videos and street singles to amplify his buzz going into the new year.  As the year comes to a close Nard comes out with a new project filled with hard hitting original beats, and a few major features in “Nardo Da Vinci”.

Mob Squad Nard has been on his grind since he was a kid, comes from a hustling family in Jacksonville, FL; so it was no surprise to me that he would know how to deliver an authentic street sound.  However, he has grown lyrically over the last few years which makes him stand out from the pack.  Nardo’s fast pace cadences and southern drawl might make the initial experience of Nardo Da Vinci to seem aggressive, but after a few listens to songs like “Black Magic”, “All Traps Closed”, and “BIDB” you hear Nard’s clever word play mesh well with the production.  Nardo Da Vinci features artist Boosie Bad Azz, Spitta, Starlito, Elevator Jay and members of the Mob Squad (Lil Tee, Snap Sosa). The production is led by Fames Sinatra, Shawn T, Drum Dummie and others plus hit dropping vet Zaytoven.

Nardo Da Vinci, overall is a solid project that should add to Mob Squad Nard’s wave going into a great year ahead long as the current consistency continues.  Nardo Da Vinci has a good round of visuals to back up the great quality sound and we can’t wait to see how crazy the shows will be for Nard next season.


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