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Review – Trap Beckham – Life is Lit

Album Review

Trap Beckham

“Life Is Lit”

Jacksonville, FL artist Trap Beckham (formally known as Yung Trap) broke out of the constraint of being known as just a Florida artist when his single “Birthday Chick” took off as the official birthday song to the stars around the globe.  He later officially sign to Def Jam Records and that’s when the real work started as he toured around the United States promoting his singles.  Being consistent in his grind Trap Beckham dropped another single that would grow on ladies right away with the booty shaking anthem “Lil Booties Matter” which has his only feature on his EP, his dj DJ Pretty Ricky.  The new twerk anthem “Lil Booties Matter” shows Trap’s roots comes from the Florida Bass sound, as his producer Beast Mode produces a track that would make Uncle Luke shout out commands to any party crowd.

The “Life is Lit” Ep shows that Trap can make more than just dance music.  He has a colorful, playful sound and his tracks usually have plenty energy in them so you won’t go wrong letting this playlist ride out while you party or workout, as the beats will keep everyone moving.  Trap Beckham adds a comedic element to his EP by having new Atlanta comedian DC Young Fly, host and narrate skits throughout the album.  DC Young Fly provides the funny on a few different skits from the intro to talking about what type of blunts his likes to smoke and how he feels about women with little booties.

Trap Beckham stands out strong on his own as he doesn’t have any features on “Life is Lit” other than his dj and longtime friend on “Lil Booties Matter”.  This is clearly a party soundtrack, as Trap gives high energy with his cadence and delivery on each song.  That energy is match with all star production from heavy hitting producers: Fuse (of 808 Mafia), DrummaBoy, the Internz, and his personal producer new beat smith Beast Mode also from Trap’s hometown.

Although there aren’t many songs on the “Life Is Lit” EP, there isn’t any drops on the vibe of the album, with exception to the skits on the project, as each track holds its own.  The party in this project starts immediately after the intro with one of my favorite tracks “Dog Shit” produced by Fuse.  Contrary to the title of the song, “Dog Shit” starts off with a vibe of conquest then playfully transitions to a happy child toy sound that will come off well in clubs and weekend radio.  Trap then lets everyone in on one of his favorite ways to smoke with the track “Backwoods” which has potential to being his next single, as it is highly infectious to enjoy even if you don’t partake in activities where (Backwoods) are used.  Trap also shows songwriting range with track “On The Rocks” where he croons out a hook that may make him sought after for hooks very soon.

Overall, it will be of no surprise to see Trap Beckham keeping parties lit across the world in the years ahead as long as he continues coming out with heat like this.  Trap maybe a new artist but he is strikingly seasoned, makes marketable music and he definitely has his own sauce so his music will continue to stand out.  “Life is Lit” will go great as your weekend turn up playlist or even spice up your after work traffic jams.  With a great team like he has, lit concepts combined with awesome music and consistency; we’re absolutely sure we’ll be hearing and seeing Trap Beckham illuminate into the spotlight in 2018 and beyond.


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