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Trap Beckham – Little Booties Matter

New Video

Trap Beckham

“Little Booties Matter”

Def Jam artist Trap Beckham took the country by storm when he made a song about the new phenomenon ‘the little booty’.  The new track  “Lil Booties Matter” takes a sample from his dj, DJ Pretty Ricky, and turns it into a twerk anthem that spreaded across the country instantly via social media and dj’s everywhere.  Trap Beckham has since released his first official EP, titled “Life Is Lit” and here is the video for the first single from the project.

In the video for “Lil Booties Matter” Trap Beckham casts IG star Hennessy Carolina (who’s also sister to rapper Cardi B) as the main girl in the video where she plays a woman who is about to get her butt enhanced.  Trap takes out the would be doctor doing the surgery and takes over for him to let the young lady know that she doesn’t have to be enhanced to feel beautiful and that lil booties matter too.

This is a fun, fast paced video shot by Dre Films, and it’s already on heavy rotation on networks and the blogs across the net.  One can still enjoy this video and song if they have a donk or big booty fetish but it’s time the little booty girls get their shine on with “Lil Booties Matter”.

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