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Mixtape Review – Willie Hyn – Rupert’s Day Off

Mixtape Review

Willie Hyn

“Rupert’s Day Off”

Willie Hyn, an alternative hip hop artist from Atlanta, is usually known for fusing rap, rock and r&b together to express his love (for love) in his music.  The last albums he released were practically love stories about the journey in wooing his love interest (named Rose), whom he meets, courts, eventually gets, and later loses.  His music would describe his tribulations with chasing his dream of becoming a rock star, while falling for the girl of his dreams and having to choose which dream to pursue completely.

This has been a big year for Willie Hyn, from getting movie roles, touring with Musiq Soulchild and even shooting his own short film.  He’s been on the road most of the year, attending and promoting at the BET Awards, touring the country and even took his talents international performing in a summer music festival in Africa.  While Willie Hyn has been out expanding his fan base, his original day one fans have grown quite anxious for another music release from the artist.  So upon popular demand and relatively short notice, Hyn promised to deliver what is said to be his final mixtape in, Rupert’s Day Off.

     Rupert’s Day Off, an 18 track rapper’s mixtape, named after one of Willie Hyn’s many alter egos (Rupert being the boujie one) is a break from the previous projects Hyn has released where he depicts his personal love story.  Rupert’s Day Off brings the focus away from love and gets back to the lyrics as Willie has assembled several wordsmiths to accompany him in this massive rhyme fest that makes up Rupert’s Day Off.

Willie Hyn called on a few of his “Triibe” to join in on his off day knowing they would turn it into a bar buffet for all to feast.


Rupert’s Day Off features artists: Big A Prado, Devin, Nesha Nycee, Johnny Apollo, Papi, Asia Sparks, Sonya Williams, Kip Conway, Phresh Ali, Levi Johnson, Miss Brie Didit, AmiTheTruth, J Alston, Aja Kahti, Miguel and last but not least Musiq Soulchild.

Also a few skits from comedian E Man Funny.

I was not surprised to hear Ric Flair doing one of his preamble speeches when the music started, as Willie Hyn does not shy away from representing anything that’s remotely related to Atlanta.  Hyn’s sound will give you a feel of what you remember from the origins of Atlanta music, poetic but raw rap bars paired with groovy bass lines and heavy drums.

As mentioned earlier, Rupert’s Day Off (R.D.O.) is a classic rappers’ mixtape as it has classic instrumentals where Willie spazzes out with metaphoric machine gun flows while also having original album worthy records carry the experience.  In the past I’ve caught myself comparing Willie Hyn to having Andre 3000 (Love Below) type concepts with Prince like production, however he showed up with a lyrical range on R.D.O. that rivals (Dedication) Lil Wayne.  Give a few listens to tracks like Regina Hall, Room 1205, Big Amounts, and Til Glory; then watch you reach for the rewind after hearing bars like:

WillieHynMic.png“Found out these beats was edible /

Show yo titties don’t be petty tho /

Don’t Give a Fuck about No Radio /

Too Real for the any old /

My fans Whoot, Whoot, Whoot,

for me like my name’s Arsenio”

Wille Hyn “Regina Hall”

     You can play R.D.O. on shuffle or let the entire tape play from start to finish and have your head would consistently bob to the several different styles; as genres are crossed, stretched and diversified in Willie Hyn’s music.

      You have songs with lyrical word play, ‘Freak Nik’ party in your car tracks, smoked out soulful vibes and a couple sexy serenades that shows the assortment of Willie Hyn’s songwriting.

A few stand out songs on Rupert’s Day Off are: For Bank, W.I.L.L., Luh Baby, Magenta

The majority of the original production on R.D.O. was done by Triibe producer Chris Theory (Rupert, Whenever I got Lonely) and J. Reid (For Bank, Luh Baby) aka Chevy Music.

Right on time to wrap up the 4th quarter and carry through the holiday season, R.D.O. offers something for anyone who’s ever appreciated the classic Atlanta sound.  This is said to be Willie Hyn’s final mixtape as he will focus more on doing more conceptual albums and musical short movies, which might be the only negativity said towards this project.  Fore if this is the final mixtape from Willie Hyn then some one better pull an inception move and talk Hyn out of it because there aren’t too many artist coming out with this kind of work on a promotional project these days.

DozhaToldya that Rupert’s Day Off will one day be revered as an underground classic Atlanta mixtape, if it manages to not get slept on by the snoozers.  Maybe you won’t get it, I’m thinking you will if you Will…..

WillieHynTriibeHoodie“Young Man, would’ve learn this / 

If it ain’t yo season /

don’t let them Usher’s interrupt /

They might catch yo demons / Let it Burn…”

Willie Hyn “Til Glory”


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