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Willie Hyn – Regina Hall & Luh Baby

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Willie Hyn

“Regina Hall” & “Luh Baby”

To coincide with the release of his mixtape, Willie Hyn has graciously released two videos to promote the project.  Below are the viral visuals for Regina Hall & Luh Baby, two of Willie Hyn’s stand out tracks from his mixtape Rupert’s Day Off.

Regina Hall

While on tour with Musiq Soulchild, Willie Hyn made use of some great scenery in Time Square, NY to shoot a quick viral visual for his freestyle over PlayBoy Carti’s “Magnolia”.  Here is the video for “Regina Hall” named after the actress, and inspired after Willie Hyn met the actress in L.A. while attending the BET Awards this summer.  In this self directed video, Willie Hyn is shown performing in the middle of Time Square rapping while on a phone call. I guess you always have to take care of business even while shooting a music video.



Luh Baby

The 2nd video released with Rupert’s Day Off is Luh Baby.  The 1st single from the project, Luh Baby was shot while Willie Hyn visited South Africa over the summer while on tour with Musiq.  In the video for Luh Baby, Willie Hyn is on safari in Lion country but he seems to be getting a lil closer to his beautiful safari tour guide.  Even in the jungle, Willie is trying to get the girls to come through.  Also directed by Hyn, the inside joke shared about this video is that Willie was nearly attacked by one of the lion cubs and you can see by the look on his face at the end of the video, that his close encounter was not scripted.  He was very happy to make it out of Africa alive and without any scratches.



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