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StreetzG4G – Regular

New Video



     Streetz G4G, artist/director from Virginia, moved to Atlanta few years back and shot hundreds of music videos with just about every underground artist that was working.  After putting in work as behind the camera he is now in the fore front making his own music and here is his new video titled “Regular”.

In the a world where the underground rappers who have not made it are known to blow money on bottles, drugs and taking unnecessary risk for attention, StreetzG4G says he rather be a regular person if that’s what’s cool.  Streetz keeps it all too real on “Regular” where he draws the comparison on what the stereotypical rapper is supposed to look or act like and what is simply real.

The “Regular” video is directed/edited by Streetz and shot by Pyro Optics.  In the beginning of the video Streetz is has a reality check with himself about his hiatus from filming and dropping music, he assures to be patience that everything is on the way.

Look out for StreetzG4G mixtape Too Real, Too Talented, it’s scheduled to be released Thanksgiving.


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