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Kap G – Big Racks

New Video

Kap G

“Big Racks”

Kap G could only go so long without appeasing his fans with another project.
As the year closes Kap G released a series of singles in a short EP form titled “Mood”.
Kap has already shot a video for “Big Racks”, one of the singles featured on the “Mood” EP and we have it here.  Kap is seems to be thinking of a master plan as the video opens, the track slides in smoothly just before the memorable chorus echos “I Got Big Racks On my Head” and it looks like Kap’s crew just hit a major lick.  “Big Racks” is produced by
“Squat Beats” (Girlfriend) & budding producer “Ali DaeDae”.  The video was shot in Miami by Louie Knows who delivers a ‘Scarface/Grand Theft Auto’ concept that puts bright colors and effects with Kap G’s crew on a money mission.  “Big Racks” is Kap G’s way of letting everyone know that he keeps the money on the mind at all times, and he is determined to win with his KAP crew alongside of him.

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