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B. Simone – In My Bag


B. Simone

“In My Bag”

B. Simone is a different kind of artist who can do pretty much anything, from beauty, comedy, music and acting.  A few months ago she dropped her debut album, “Stack Now, Cry Later” but since then she has been busy as her comedy started to take off to new levels.  She is continues to go viral on social media with every other video that she makes.  B. Simone’s buzz is building from all angles heading into 2018, and it just got an extra boost with the release of her third video from the project “In My Bag”.

In the video she plays (herself) a beautiful hairdresser trying to keep it all together with aspirations of making her mark in the music industry.  The video was shot in “Hair Are Us” beauty store/salon and it’s full of pretty women having fun, being funny and getting to the bag.

B. Simone is on her way to having a phenomenal year in 2018, with her music popping off, her comedic skits going viral and now she is currently touring the country doing stand up comedy as well.  She is a multitalented, beautiful diva on the rise and we will have the scoop on more B. Simone endeavors in the future.

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