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Tom G – Challenge Gawd (Freestyles)


Tom G

“No Effort”

Tom G came up in a time when mixtapes were actual cds and you would have to touch thousands of copies to establish yourself in your region.  So in today’s micro-wave of music supported by social media, an artist has the ability to touch thousands of fans with ease, so that’s kind of “No Effort” for an artist like Tom.

So when it comes down to a rap challenge where the bars get spotlighted, Tom G is an artist that will rise to the occasion.

After show and proving his lyrical ability online time and time again, he began referring to himself as the “Challenge Gawd” and has been ripping beats to shreds ever since.

Tom G has took the challenge to the next level when he started shooting videos for a few of them and he now has released a mixtape aptly titled “Challenge Gawd” hosted by DJ Rell.

“Real Spill”

Here are two of the videos Tom released this far rolling out his latest mixtape.  The first is “No Effort” where he raps on Tee Grizzley’s track produced by Helluva Beats.

The second is Tom G’s take on the “Real Spill” challenge where Ice Billion Berg song produced by _DJ on the Beat is in rotation on social media for the latest big challenge out of Florida.

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