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Willie Hyn – 13 Roses The Movie


Willie Hyn

“13 Roses”

The Movie

Willie Hyn had to have his best year ever in 2017, from releasing some of his dopest music to date, to going on a national tour with Musiq Soulchild, getting a starring role in a movie that premiered on BET, being nominated for a Grammy, attending the BET Awards, performing and shooting videos in Africa, and top it off with the release of his own movie, 2017 it was definitely the year to remember.  Willie Hyn shot and premiered his 1st musical movie last summer during an intense month, where one can say he worked like a mad man but the quality of the work he put out was monumental.

Willie has finally released “13 Roses: The Movie” online after premiering it in a private theater during summer ‘17.  “13 Roses: The Movie” is a short musical film starring Willie Hyn, Kennie Nicole, and Sparoh;  shot, directed and edited by Mike of IamEye Films.  It is inspired by the music and storyline from Willie Hyn’s 2016 album “13 Roses”.

In this true to life film, Willie Hyn is on the road to stardom killing performances with his band while he endures a breakup with another love in his life.  While his mind is totally engulf with dispair from his love problems, he meets another woman at a party who temporarily helps him cope with his lost but ultimately puts him in a tug-o-war of love, lust, and success.

Although 13 Roses: The Movie is a short film of a little over 30 minutes, it is filled with amazing music, brilliant color, psychedelic animation and sexy people.  The director, Mike of IamEye Films delivers an unique, artistic musical visual experience with 13 Roses that puts you in the mind of the cross reference of films like “2001: A Space Odyssey”, “Purple Rain”, and “Tron”.  This is the 2nd time Willie Hyn & IamEye films have worked together, as their first music video together “80’s Rock” won Best Music Video in the Atlanta Film Festival in 2016.

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