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Tokyo Jetz – G.O.A.T. Freestyle & The One


Tokyo Jetz




     Hustle Gang artist Tokyo Jetz is moving on up like The Jeffersons with rocket packs on, I guess that would make that the Jetzsons……; but I digress to say that she is on definitely on top of her game right now.  You can catch her currently on promo tour with Bigga Rankins, routinely booked on the weekends and soon to be killing the airwaves in a city near you.   While on the road she got with her camerman JB_Speilberg and shot a quick viral freestyle to keep the haters on they job.  Will the baby goat be a XXL Freshman in 2018?  We believe so, and there will be plenty more Tokyo Jetz fuel burning up all year.

Update:  Keeping the blogs on they game, I finally got a link on the hot new single Tokyo is releasing to heat up the spring making this a 2 for 1.  “The One” is produced by Prezzly P of 48KHZ, and the baby goat is taking off, like her last name.  Prepare to hear this “one” on many, many dj sets across the globe, but we have it for you below:


Tokyo Jetz

“The One”

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