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Album Review – Amy Luciani – Lipstick & Money

Album Review

Amy Luciani

“Lipstick & Money”

     You might have seen Amy Luciani more than a few times last year as she had a strong knack for going viral by either acting on a comedy skit, being in social media scandals, or spitting vicious bars on the IG.  Amy is more than a pretty rapper flossing her goods online, many may not know that she’s a beast on the stage as well.  There isn’t much in entertainment that she can’t do, rap, sing, dance, act, model and she has potential to go a long way in whichever field she puts her efforts into.

     Amy Luciani just released a new project titled “Lipstick & Money”, available on all music platforms and is currently shooting music videos to promote the release.  “Lipstick & Money” is a 10 track EP of original music where Amy balances rapping and singing about the streets, parties, love and unfaithful relations.

     The album features Big A Prado, Yarell, Mazi GA & a bonus track “Mudd” by Big A Prado with Nino Cahootz.  The first single from the project is “A Lil Bit” but, “Voicemail”, “Boomerang”, and “Be Mine” are all standout tracks that may deserve video treatment.

     The track listing for “LipStick & Money” is listed below also check back soon as Amy Luciani is sure to have a few videos on the way to support this album.

  1.  Bundles & Bottles
  2.  Boomerang
  3.  A Lil Bit
  4.  Silly Niggas
  5.  Voicemail
  6.  Somebody ft. Big A Prado
  7.  Too Young ft. Yarell
  8.  Be Mine ft. Mazi GA
  9.  Regret
  10.  Mudd – Big A Prado ft. Amy Luciani, Nino Cahootz

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