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Tonii Boii ft. Bad Azz Becky – Street Holiday (Thug Holiday G Mix) & Down 4 You – Bad Azz Becky ft. Golden Boy


Tonii Boii ft. Bad Azz Becky

“Street Holiday”

Central Florida’s Bad Azz Becky not only has hot bars, and a pretty voice, but she is just as beautiful as she is strong.  She holds her own on every song just as she holds down her family and brand.  Here is two new videos featuring Becky as she has been working relentlessly to get to a higher level in the music game.  The 1st video is “Street Holiday” by Tonii Boii, it’s updated rendition of Trick Daddy’s Thug Holiday and Becky brings the emotion home with a soft but solid singing on the hook.  “Street Holiday” is directed by Check The Credits.



Bad Azz Becky ft. Goldenboy

Down 4 U

The 2nd video is “Down 4 U”, Bad Azz Becky’s latest street single which features Goldenboy.  She has a great melody, singing about being in love and down for her man no matter what they are going through.  Down 4 U is directed by Ghost, and it shows a great chemistry (although platonic) that Goldenboy and Becky have on music as well as on screen.

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