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EP – Farah Lissa – F33LS

Album EP


Farah Lissa


     Rah & Co. production team is presenting the new EP “F33LS” from Haitian-American R&B/Soul artist Farah-Lissa.  Farah hails from south Florida and has been singing her whole life.  She started taking music seriously while attending Florida A&M University and has been professionally active for nearly a decade, singing with bands in weddings, conferences and toured as a background singer as well.  She recently has revived her solo career with Rah & Co backing her and preparing this release of “F33LS”.

     F33LS is a 5-track EP of emotional soul music, displaying Farah Lissa’s vocal range and solid songwriting.  The entire EP is produced by Copestetik, a producer who has a high quality sound with a style includes a mixture of genres from R&B, Techno, Hip Hop, and Reggae to name a few.


The 1st track “Crave” is a subtle introduction to F33LS with an electronic tone where Farah sings harmonies and sets the vibe of the project.


What I would consider the 1st single of the project, and Farah delivers a strong vocal ranges with a smooth melody.  The song is about being so into someone who “Hurts” but soothes your hear at the same time.


Bleed picks up the pace a bit with a jazzy baseline, as Farah pours her heart out about heart-break.  Creeping into the song subtly but ends with triumphant harmonies, illustrating strength and perseverance.


A song about learning to let go something that you may want very badly but that is not good for you in the end.  The production is filled with guitar riffs, electro bass, hip hop drums that compliments Farah’s vocal arrangements.


A short but sweet outro that comes off as a story about a girl who has been through pain but continues to “Wander” on toward an unknown future.

The F33LS EP is an abbreviated, smooth tone setting vibe where Farah Lissa shows off her vocal range and diverse writing ability composed on Copestetik’s solid production that will have you repeating songs wanting for more.  We look forward to seeing which songs Farah Lissa puts a visual to, and how the world recieves this project as well as others to come.

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