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Willie Hyn – The Florist


Willie Hyn

“The Florist”


Musiq SoulChild, Chris Theory, Sonya Williams & Miss BreeDidit


     The first official song featuring the musical members of Triibe, a name for Willie Hyn’s eclectic family of creative friends and fans.  Willie Hyn releases “The Florist” suitably on 420, the national smokers day, and he brings a vibe from his Triibe that an equivalent of smoke session with Snoop, Bob Marley, and Wiz Khalifa.  Staying true to Willie Hyn’s affectionate love theme for roses, the title “The Florist” not only speaks to the beautiful trees many will smoke to this opus, but the fact that we should start giving flowers to those we admire while they are still alive.

     The Florist features Musiq Soulchild, Chris Theory, Sonya Williams and Miss BreeDidIt, while Willie Hyn’s brings outworldly, smooth bars from a place similar to Stankonia.  The track evolves mid song and it has a jazzy hip hop vibe that is produced by Khruanbin.

A dreamer….
In the beginning of new love…
A 420 date….
A trip to the FLORiiST….
The same one who sold him 13 Roses..
Who also sells herb….
And her unique perspective…
Makes up this psychedelic story…
#TRiiBE‘s first official song together….


@musiqsoulchild X @christheory101 X @missbriedidit X @thesonyawilliams



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