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Trap Beckham – Thumbin Thru It


Trap Beckham

“Thumbin Thru It”

Trap Beckham makes the kind of music that has become vital to parties.  Whether he’s helping the ladies celebrate their birthday, or advocating for the slim, petite framed women Trap definitely makes go to songs for the dj who wants to turn the party up.  In his new video “Thumbin Thru It”, Trap continues the trend with a song that will definitely fit well in strip clubs and vip sections across the country.  “Thumbin Thru It” is a Jon J Visual, where Trap Beckham does just that thumbs through stacks of money while performing the song throughout the video.  This single “Thumbin Thru It” is on of the standout tracks on Trap’s latest project, ‘Evil Emoji‘ however there is plenty more turn up to come from the young hitmaker.  Follow Trap Beckham on social media @trapbeckham and we’re sure you’ll be turning up to his music the next time you go out to party.

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