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Lew Sid – How You Feelin / The Trill Cosby Show


Lew Sid

“How You Feeling? /  The Trill Cosby Show”


Jade Josephine & Intalek

     Virginia Beach artist Lew Sid has one of the most creative but slept on videos out right now with “How You Feeling/The Trill Cosby Show”.  Driven with a sample from the Cosby Show opening theme song, “How You Feeling” has a classic but also very fun feel.  Byron Parker did an excellent job directing the video, mimicking the Cosby Show intro backdrop characters and wardrobe.  Lew Sid brings along a couple co-stars to shine on the track, Jade Josephine and Intalek get into character, lending some impressive bars as well.  With all the controversy looming around with Bill Cosby being found guilty of sexual assault we hope that it doesn’t interfere with the support and success of “The Trill Cosby Show”, but the video has been out for some time and seems to just now getting it’s just due support.  We believe the numbers will improve as the song and video is very good and great things seem to be store for the talented Lew Sid.  Follow him on social media and YouTube @lewsidraps.

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