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Mixtape – Kevin Gates – Chained To The City


Kevin Gates

“Chained To The City”


Since being released from a 9 month prison stint for felony gun possession in January Kevin Gates has been held in Chicago while on parole.  While he was on a hiatus for the first few months after being released, many wondered when Gates would re-emerge back on to the scene with new music, there were a few concert dates scheduled and after he was force to cancel those dates, his wife Dreka took to social media apologizing and explaining that Kevin Gates has not been granted permission to leave the city of Chicago, not even to return home to his family in L.A..  Gates didnt fret, he instead set his family up in Chicago and has been making music for the last few months off the scene until earlier May 2018 when he started showing back up on instagram with his promoting his “I’m Him” campaign and previewing music that he has in tuck.

Then out the blue he released a single E.P. titled “Chained To The City” on May 16, which features 3 new singles that garnered attention instantaneously with no promotion.  The 3 singles are “Change Lanes”, “Vouch”, and “Let It Sing” which is the first full songs released since he dropped his last project “By Any Means 2” while he was still incarcerated.  The production on “Chained To The City” is done by Go Grizzly & Squat Beats who dubbed themselves the “Winners’ Circle” production team.

Listen to Kevin Gates “Chained To The City” on soundcloud (above) or Spotify (below) and we are sure there will be visuals on the way soon so stay tuned for more from the Baton Rouge rap superstar.

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