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Derez Deshon – Fed Up


Derez Deshon

“Fed Up”

Derez Deshon is “Fed Up” and out for revenge in his new video that is a continuation from one of his previous videos “Hardaway“, where his childhood friend is gunned down at his doorstep.  In “Fed Up”, Morocco Vaughn directs dark video showing Derez fed up with struggle and pain right before he goes on a rampage for revenge as he hunts down the people responsible for his friends murder.  As he hunts down his foes, he hesitates a couple times due to innocent bystanders being in the way.  Will he get his revenge and will the murder of his enemies, set his mind state back in order?  Watch the video and find out what happens.  Follow Derez Deshon on instagram @derezdeshon and check back for more music and video releases in the future.

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