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Seven Dollaz – Based On A True Story….


Seven Dollaz

(formally known as Nephew)

”Based On A True Story…”

     Duval County’s Street rap legend Nephew has changed his name to Seven Dollaz, named after a character he played in the underground movie “Queen Pin”, has made a comeback after a bit of a hiatus and released a new album named “Based On A True Story…”.  The album features Alix Harmony, BoGunner, BorderRico,  Lil Stl, Big Money Digg, and June Summers.  Listen to a Jacksonville, Fl rap veteran bring the straight drop for the summer 2018 today.

Update: 7/31



Seven Dollaz’s “Based on a True Story…” gets to the money right away with “100” where he takes you deep into the inner workings of a big time buyer while “Drug Wars”, however shows the latter side where drugs and gunplay can lead to deadly feuds.   Seven got great features on the mid tracks from Alix Harmoni on “Breakfast” and then OG BoG on “Platinum Rapper” where both songs have big single potential.

The deep and elaborate lingo Seven Dollaz uses on “BoTS” makes his experiences of the streets told through song clear and believable to say the least, especially on tracks like “Mexico” & “Dope In A Bowl”.  The personal favorite is “My Momma, Yo Mamma” due to a smooth cadence, catchy urban saying for a concept and a fire track, a generational hood anthem.

Seven Dollaz embodies the combination of high rap ability with extensive street knowledge spoken with the charismatic confidence of a celebrated street poet.  The entire story told on “BoTS” almost plays out cinematically making so you can really appreciate the album’s complete body of work.

Seven’s comeback to rap is solidified during Jacksonville’s biggest year in music thus far all while the streets will surely vouch for every bit of the content displayed in “Based On A True Story…”, which looks to turn out to be a Duval County classic.

We are anticipating the visuals Seven Dollaz debuts to continue the promotion of “BoTS” during his Summer to Fall/Winter campaign, and will have them for you in the future.  Make sure to check back soon for more on Seven and follow the social media @therealnephew.

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