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Kris Vega ft. Alix Harmoni – Slide


Kris Vega



Alix Harmoni

     New Jacksonville R&B beauty Kris Vega emerged on the music scene with a tremendous work ethic and sultry style releasing her “The Little Things You Do” album mid spring and now skating into the summer with a video for her lastest single “Slide” featuring Alix Harmoni.  Kris spends time with her boo on a date at a skate rink in this Kick Addiks directed video, that shows of the beauty and voices of the two young talented singers while a few skaters also sport their moves on the skating floor.  Alix Harmoni shows that she has a softer side to her usual raw raps as she adds a singing verse as the featured artist.  Kris Vega has the potential, as well as the hustle to rise up the ranks to becoming a top lead singer in Florida if she can continue her campaign dropping music & visuals consistently.  Follow her on social media @vega_roxx and be on watch as where only seeing the beginning of Kris Vega’s musical blossom.

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