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Osiris – Timing




     You can all it perfect timing or you can call it perserverance, but Osiris is a great example of when destiny, amazing talent and hardwork combine to create an awesome story of truimph as he is on the rise to becoming the new household name in male R&B/Hip Hop.  The Def Jam young crooner has released another single this summer in “Timing” and he is living his best life thus far showing nothing but smiles on yachts and in mansions with a flock of beautiful ladies.  Director Fernando Lugo sets the successful views of the young star, Osiris who celebrates being the hottest new talent in his city and soon the country, as the video is showered with plenty money, gorgeous ladies poolside and a party on a lavish yacht in Miami’s Biscayne Bay.  You’re sure to hear young female teens in your family rave about Osiris for years to come as he is making his mark being apart of a new wave of supreme talent coming out of Florida.  Follow Osiris on IG @osiris_official_ig.

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