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DJ Outta Space – Bye Felicia


DJ Outta Space

“Bye Felicia”

      After putting in a rigurous grind of balance at being a dj and an artist, DJ Outta Space takes off with hit single, “Bye Felicia”‘s music video that recreates a cult culture movie.  Covering the classic Friday, “Space” gives a superb visual as he co-star’s with Lil Freaky to bring back the character’s from the movie.  DJ OuttaSpace ft. Lil Freaky – Bye Felicia has picked up alot of momentum in the club scene in Atlanta and starting to get regular rotation around the country, DJ Outta Space is right on time with a dope video to boost his awareness on this record.  Follow him on social media @djouttaspace check for him in regular rotation spinning at the infamous “Magic City” strip club in Atlanta.

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