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Trap Beckham – Classy N Ratchet


Trap Beckham

“Classy N Ratchet”

     Trap Beckham hasn’t took a day off since his career took flight and he adds another anthem to his repertoire with “Classy N Ratchet”, produced by BEazy for GameChange Entertainment.  Trap keeps a tune that will turn any situation to a twerk action shake off and “Classy N Ratchet” is the new soundtrack for twerkers everywhere.  Trap Beckham turns tea time to a Ratchet booty bouncing brunch in “Classy N Ratchet”, which is featured on his latest project “Happy Belated”.  Trap Beckham is one of the hardest working artist out of Florida and he’s an anthem machine as he just keeps cranking them out throughout the year.

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